Ways in Which Sharpspring CRM Can Help You Convert Your Leads To Sales

Adopt two lifelines for business growth during lean times: Martech solutions and Sharpspring CRM services

How do some companies continue to do business during lean time? What helps them to remain afloat and grow at the same time? The secret lies in combining two lifelines called Martech solutions and CRM services. As recession continues adopting both is to be proactive. There is a strong connection between offering the right martech solutions and customer relationship management services. Sharpspring is a leading cloud based software helping several enterprises to push leads into real sales. Once you understand the close connection along with sales automation, getting the desired results is guaranteed.

If you need proof of how customer relationship management services can get you a royal boost with Sharpspring, read on. During this period, it is critical to not only remain afloat but also to get profits.

Why should ‘technology’ fit marketing/business needs?

Both,marketing automation and customer relationship management services are critical for organizing data, nurturing leads and ensuring active sales. As enterprises migrate to the digital space, technology is crucial to develop operationally and for growing business needs. Automated CRM provides features to retain existing customers and obtain new prospects to survive. Although marketing automation is different from CRM services they can be integrated to bring results.

The following table shows a brief preview of how the two can be combined.


Marketing Automation


Helps to manage existing customers

Useful for generating and nurturing the potential leads

Exact messages can be sent at the right time

Provides a database of ready information for leads

Action can be taken from the CRM data

Goals can be focused like making a sale with the information and action

Advanced CRM provides reminders, notifications and announcement regarding an existing customer

The information about customers can be adjusted in segments/categories for targeted action

A lead’s behavior and requirement is adjudged for communication

Integrating the systems to strengthen the results

Data Storage and sales management are pooled

Helps marketing teams to access historical information of customers

Helps to make fields, and data filters

Multi-client management

Helps to track opportunities

Single sign-on, email forms and visitor identification

Identify specific patterns or behavior of leads

Check social media patterns of promising leads

Sharpspring offers a combination of CRM and marketing solutions with comprehensive features. They prove useful in getting desired ROI as they are closely connected.

Sales automation and streamlining CRM services benefits

Now the close connection between the two is clear, further proof lies in streamlining features to get benefits. Organized sales automation benefits any enterprise in the following 8 ways:

· All sales processes are uniform

· CRM services can be enhanced or upgraded

· In-built time saving mechanism when campaigns are underway and require live monitoring

· All repetitive tasks are automated with no risk of error

· Meetings can be scheduled and follow ups are organized

· A lead rotation capability

· Email marketing with triggers can be rolled out

· Provision for 3rd party apps for integration is also available

There is no doubt that CRM is turning out to be the lifeline for many companies that operate online. Sharpspring is a leading software designed to benefit sales automation and CRM services. Customer relationship management services arevital for all companies who do not want to lose out to competitors. Current users already have a positive feedback on its functional capabilities.

Highlights of key features available on the dashboard are:

· Setting up appointments and scheduling meetings

· Data entries and maintaining a log

· Generating invoices

· Record of all customer purchases

· Sales qualified lead pipeline for tracking leads and customer interaction

· Ease of usage by small business

· Can be customized for any industry vertical

Mixing Martech and CRM services to convert leads​ to sales

Once you know how Sharpspring can alleviate the two important departments it is easy to make a decision about investing in it. Without practical implementation and intelligent mix, it is difficult to increase productivity, reach goals and remain efficient. The scope of your business now depends on how you are able to use Martech and CRM services to convert leads​ to sales. You might want to think about:

· Adopting best practices

· Use of web analytics for new campaigns

· Matching the new CRM with existing martech stack

· Combine for long term or short term benefits

· Have a qualified team to implement

· People to monitor the metrics for marketing and sales leads

· Segmentation and organization data from all sources

· Record of customer interactions and conversations of MQLs

· How B2B companies are using the software successfully

Sharpspring is gaining credence for top selling and actionable features. It is widely used by small businesses and also B2B companies successfully. If you are a high performing marketer, you cannot ignore the two lifelines for your survival. This is the best way to bridge the gaps between the marketing and sales teams to grab leads and convert them into actionable results. Aligning the two offers unlimited scope to increase business.

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